This guide gives an overview of the average weather and temperature throughout the year in Serra da Estrela.

Unlike Portugal’s southern regions, such as the ever-popular Algarve, where summers are reliably hot and winters relatively mild, Serra da Estrela is a mountainous region, meaning the climate can be slightly more unpredictable.

The best weather falls between May and October, when there is little chance of rain and a high chance of warm, sunny weeks – perfect for hiking, biking and exploring. Temperatures can get quite hot between July and September, with an average mid-day range of 25°c-38°c.

Cabeça, Seia in Summer

The coldest weather comes between January and March, when snow begins to fall and the ski resort opens for business.

At this time of year, Serra da Estrela becomes a winter wonderland where one can enjoy frozen lakes and waterfalls, snow-dusted boulders and alpine forests.

There is nothing like taking shelter from the cold in a cosy restaurant or tavern, with a roaring fire, enjoying a menu of traditional Portuguese wines and stews.

The following tables gives an overview of what you can expect each month.

MonthAverage Temperature RangeWeatherNotesActivity Suggestions
January3°-11°Snow likelyColdest WeatherSnow sports
February4°-12°Snow likelyColdest weatherSnow sports
March6°-15°Snow likelyColdest weatherSnow sports
April8°-17°Relatively drySpring flowersPhotography
May13°-22°SunnyBest weatherHiking & biking
June15°-26°SunnyBest weatherHiking & biking
July15°-31°SunnyWarmest weatherWild Swimming & Kayaking
August15°-32°Driest monthWarmest weatherWild Swimming & Kayaking
September14°-28°SunnyBest weatherHiking & biking
October11°-21°Occasional mistBest weatherAutumn Woodlands
November7°-14°Mist/Rain likelyAutumn Woodlands
December5°-12°Mist/Rain likelyWining & Dining

Whatever season you’re thinking of visiting, Serra da Estrela has something to offer all year round.

Why not explore some activities to do while you’re here?

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